Target Deployment Dates

  • Development – March 18, 2020
  • Test – March 18, 2020
  • Production – March 25, 2020

New Features

  • CLEAR-588: CD/CI push to make dev environments bleeding edge.
  • CLEAR-586: Implemented the ability to run tutorials inside of Clear.
  • CLEAR-579: Database read replica functionality.
  • CLEAR-574: Multi-Language Support (i18n) feature added. Gives the user the ability to change language of Clear and builders the ability to translate certain properties.
  • CLEAR-554: New component called “SortableTree” which is a sortable, drag and drop representation of hierarchical data.
  • CLEAR-529: Added a new templating processor to help with more complex processes for ClearProcess.
  • CLEAR-518: ClearBackground now sends an email summary after a job is completed.
  • ClearProcess builder nodes have been updated to show more context, such as, tooltips and icons.
  • add_payload_message can now be styled like an error.

Bug Fixes

  • CLEAR-593: Fixed error when user cannot run APPS.FND_WEB_SEC
  • CLEAR-587: Add the ability to scroll top menu if the list of modules/pages become too long in mobile.
  • CLEAR-581: Removed excessive white space below top menu in mobile view.
  • CLEAR-565: In the ClearWork builder, fixed search so it would ignore nodes that had missing information instead of breaking.
  • Fixed an issue where UTF-8 characters could break CSV export functionality.
  • Some errors were being displayed when they should not be displayed.
  • Removed the old in-modal save confirmation in the ClearProcess builder.


  • Lots of tests added for more stable components after development updates.