Target Deployment Dates

  • Development –  March 5,2021
  • Test – March 5, 2021
  • Production – March 12, 2021

New Features

  • New ClearProcess Function; Sorting Dictionary objects on keys.
  • Dynamic Titles for pages. ClearWork can now dynamically change the information in Clear’s browser tab after new information is pulled.
  • Bubble Charts.
  • New Internal APIs.

Bug Fixes

  • “Export to Excel/CSV” no longer breaks on UTF-16 characters.
  • Fixed timezone issues with Datepicker.
  • The collapsable menu button and filters are now fixed to the top of the sidebar.
  • Rework internal APIs for ClearProcess and ClearWork objects which improves load times for some pages.
  • Text strip can now strip more than whitespace characters.