About Us

Our Origins

Clear Software was founded by Deloitte and Accenture consultants who had been implementing software at some of the largest organizations in the world. During our implementations, we repeatedly heard the same complaints from our customers:
  • “It takes me longer to do my job now than it used to in the old system.”
  • “The screens are confusing and hard to use.”
  • “Why do I have to open so many windows to get my job done?”
We responded by creating ClearUI®, a highly-intuitive web application that simplifies business processes and frees organizations from the constraints of any one piece of software.

Our Mission

To simplify business software and make the jobs of users easier and more productive.

Our Future

The promise of the Information Age was that technology would make everyone’s lives easier. Unfortunately, business software has not fulfilled that promise. From our origins, Clear Software has worked tirelessly to reverse that course, and in the process we have evolved into a suite of products that integrate with the most commonly-used business software. We are constantly expanding and improving our products by listening to our customers, who are the key stakeholders in helping us fulfill the promise of the Information Age.

Our Mantra

The User is Always Right.