About Us

Our Origins

Clear Software was founded by Deloitte and Accenture consultants who had been implementing software at some of the largest organizations in the world. During our implementations, we repeatedly heard the same complaints from our customers:
  • “It takes me longer to do my job now than it used to in the old system.”
  • “The screens are confusing and hard to use.”
  • “Why do I have to open so many windows to get my job done?”
We responded by creating ClearUI®, a highly-intuitive web application that simplifies business processes and frees organizations from the constraints of any one piece of software.

Our Mission

To simplify business software and make the jobs of users easier and more productive.

Our Future

The promise of the Information Age was that technology would make everyone’s lives easier. Unfortunately, business software has not fulfilled that promise. From our origins, Clear Software has worked tirelessly to reverse that course, and in the process we have evolved into a suite of products that integrate with the most commonly-used business software. We are constantly expanding and improving our products by listening to our customers, who are the key stakeholders in helping us fulfill the promise of the Information Age.

Our Mantra

The User is Always Right.

Conscious Capitalism

The purpose of business is to improve the state of the world, and thus we believe in the core tenets of Conscious Capitalism. When conscious businesses actively work to improve the positions of all stakeholders, they end up with happy customers, engaged employees, and thriving communities.

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Our History


Clear Software Releases ClearSSOTM
Clear Software releases its Single Sign-On product for enterprises to provide secure connectivity across business applications through one portal.
Clear Software Releases ClearBITM
Clear Software releases its Business Intelligence product to give enterprises a powerful reporting dashboard that provides deep, cross-system insights.
CapGemini Endorses ClearUI®

CapGemini becomes a certified re-seller of ClearUI® with a focus on the energy industry.
MK Capital Invests


Based in Chicago with over $250M under management, MK Capital makes a significant investment in Clear Software.


Clear Software Releases ClearDLTM
Clear Software releases its Data Loader product for enterprises to transport mass volumes of data from Excel to legacy systems in a simple, easy-to-use format.
Clear Software Releases ClearRETM
Clear Software releases its Rules Engine product for enterprises to create, configure, and manage REST APIs that streamline complex business rules and workflows across legacy systems.
Hyde Park Venture Partners Invests

Based in Chicago with over $100M under management, Hyde Park Ventures Partners makes a significant investment in Clear Software.
Clear Software Releases ClearDGTM
Clear Software releases its Data Governance product for enterprises to standardize data across multiple systems using automated rules-based processing. The resulting harmonization increases data integrity, reduces downstream errors, eliminates manual processes, and increases user productivity.


ClearUI® Expands to Salesforce


ClearUI® expands to cover core business processes within Saleforce.com.
ClearUI® Expands to Oracle EBS
ClearUI® expands to cover core business processes within Oracle E-Business Suite.
IBM Endorses ClearUI®
IBM becomes a certified re-seller of ClearUI® with a focus on the utilities and telecommunications industries.
SAP Certifies ClearUI®

SAP certifies ClearUI® as an official add-on to their software products.


ClearUI® Moves to the Cloud
Clear Software eliminates the on-premise version of ClearUI® and moves to a multi-tenant cloud offering running on Amazon Web Services.
ClearUI® Expands to SAP ERP

ClearUI® rapidly expands to cover all SAP ERP business processes after experiencing high demand for Order-to-Cash (OTC) and Procure-to-Pay (P2P).


Clear Software Releases ClearUI®
With Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota as the first customer, Clear Software releases ClearUI to simplify call center operations for enterprises running SAP’s Financial Services – Collections and Disbursements (FS-CD).
Clear Software Founded in Chicago
Clear Software is founded in Chicago with a focus to provide a new user interface for enterprises running SAP.