We’ve seen our customers struggle for years to effectively train their employees on new business processes. Whether it’s creating and keeping training documents in Microsoft Word up to date, conducting in person training courses, or keeping up with a high volume of help desk calls – digital transformation can take its toll on your change management organization.

Not anymore. It is rare that a single feature in a SaaS product release warrants its own blog post, but this is one such occasion. In our latest release notes, a tiny little gem hidden in there has huge implications for our customer base: CLEAR-586: Implemented the ability to run tutorials inside of Clear.

What does that mean in layman’s terms? It means our customers don’t need to go through the hassle of creating training documentation once they are done digitally transforming their business processes in ClearWork and integrating those processes with their many software systems using ClearProcess.

Instead, they can record a tour directly in a ClearWork web page that guides users through the business process. This is helpful not only for new employees but also for processes that some people perform very infrequently, such as quarter close activities in finance:

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Instead of sitting through a training class, webinar, or long training video, your employees simply log in to ClearWork for the first time and a training menu will appear with the guided tours available for their job functions. They can simply begin working with the assurance that these tours will guide them through the entire business process quickly and correctly:

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Best of all, since the tours are maintained directly in the ClearWork cloud by your subject matter experts, any process updates are instantly available to your entire user base.

No more training classes. No more 50 pound training manuals. Just digital processes done right, every time.