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About Bob Boehnlein

As Chief Revenue Officer, I lead the sales organization in tasks ranging from seeking customers to building long-term value-driven relationships. Enterprise software is necessary for business, but I completely believe in our exciting, disruptive vision of bringing hard-to-believe business ROI by simply making employees’ jobs easier. Prior to Clear, I was an executive at a number of SaaS companies, including Aprimo, Teradata, and QuickPivot.

Procure to Pay, The Last Guy Picked in Dodgeball

For those of you old enough to remember grade school dodgeball, you might recall the very uncomfortable process of selecting teams. There had to be someone who was picked last. I felt sorry for the poor classmate who was left in that last slot, and more often than not felt sorry for myself. I feel the same way about the procure to pay (P2P) business process. Procure to pay is a staple of most businesses. Businesses need to buy things. Other businesses that sell things want to get paid for the things their customers buy. The buying company wants to [...]

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