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I have always been passionate about fixing broken business processes and cleaning up the mess left by enterprise software. It honestly bothers me to see companies spending hundreds of millions of dollars on IT projects, which motivated me to start Clear Software. Prior to founding Clear, I was a Senior Manager at Deloitte, where my teams implemented SAP at some of the largest organizations in the world.

Gilman’s Intelligent Automation Impact Pyramid

There is a lot of confusion in the market right now regarding Intelligent Automation (IA) and the impact that it can have on organizations. Based on the process automation work we are doing every day with our customers, we began sketching The Intelligent Automation Impact Pyramid on a whiteboard in our office several months ago. The goal, at a high level, is to help organizations understand the impact of their investments in the many technologies that encompass the world of Intelligent Automation. The pyramid is broken up into 4 layers: Business Process Re-Engineering, Human Acceleration, Machine Learning, and [...]

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Announcing Guided Training Directly in ClearWork

We've seen our customers struggle for years to effectively train their employees on new business processes. Whether it's creating and keeping training documents in Microsoft Word up to date, conducting in person training courses, or keeping up with a high volume of help desk calls - digital transformation can take its toll on your change management organization. Not anymore. It is rare that a single feature in a SaaS product release warrants its own blog post, but this is one such occasion. In our latest release notes, a tiny little gem hidden in there has huge implications for our customer [...]

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Like an Athlete on Steroids, the Intelligent Automation Community Is Inflating Their Statistics

Image Above Copyright: Mike Lane A sales executive at an automation software firm was recently bragging to me that his company’s platform automated more than 600 processes in a call center at a large telecommunications provider. After spitting out my coffee and laughing for a few minutes, I explained that there are nowhere near that many business processes in a call center, to which he replied “Well I guess it depends on your definition of a business process.” NO IT DOES NOT. There are industry standards for the classification of business processes that have existed for more than 40 years, [...]

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SAP Customers: Don’t Stay on the Sidelines Waiting to Enter the Automation Game

I’ve heard dozens of Fortune 500 executives over the last 12 months extol the virtues of process automation, only to then admit that their organizations have not actually started down the automation path. The benefits are obvious: massive productivity gains in mega processes like Order to Cash and Procure to Pay can lead to tens of millions of dollars in savings in annual operating expenses. So why the hesitation? The most commonly cited reason has been that their organizations have pending migrations of SAP ECC to S4/HANA. These executives fear that beginning an automation initiative now is pointless because their [...]

Why RPA Isn’t Scaling (Yet)

Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) is hot right now, there’s no doubt about that. McKinsey estimates that 85% of a typical firm’s 900+ processes can be automated. Suddenly every consulting firm on the planet has an RPA practice. And Gartner, Forrester, and many other analyst firms continue to pound RPA down the throats of the C-Suite at the Fortune 500. But there are some serious issues that are giving RPA a black eye. As I wrote in a previous blog, nearly half of all RPA projects fail. Even more alarming is that on top of implementation failures, RPA simply has not [...]

Feeling Ripped Off By Your ERP? You’re Not Alone

Summary: ERP software was supposed to increase operational efficiency at large organizations, but in most cases the opposite has happened. You can get more out of your technology investments without throwing them away, but you need to change your perspective on their underlying ecosystems and embrace new technologies. NOTE: To protect the privacy of some of the individuals quoted in this article, I have removed their names and companies and substituted with their job title and industry. If you would like to speak to them, message me and I will arrange a meeting if that person deems it appropriate. The [...]

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Email Integration into SAP, Salesforce, et al

It's undeniable that business software like SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle E-Business Suite are extremely powerful. They literally run core processes at most of the Fortune 500 - from sales to purchasing to manufacturing to finance. However, email integration is one critical area where they do not fare so well. Let's first define what I mean by email integration. I'm not referring to simple email notifications from these systems, which all of them are capable of performing with a little bit of configuration. What I'm referring to is the ability to take action directly from your email without having to log [...]

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SAP Punchout Catalog Integration with No Custom Code

As you may know from reading about Clear, we believe nothing in enterprise software should be complicated or expensive. Complex processes can always be distilled down into elegant solutions, with the right set of tools. One of the most common processes we see at our customers is integrating their enterprise software systems with 3rd party eCommerce sites such as Graybar, Grainger, Office Depot, or Staples. We provide a very simple integration called ClearPO that elegantly streamlines this process: The Problem However, for those of you familiar with purchasing in large organizations, you know that this process it a lot more [...]

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Configuring SAP to Allow Customers to Be Created from Clear

In order to create customers from Clear, you will need to activate iDoc partner profiles in your SAP system. Please note that this should be added to your project Cutover List so that this will not be an issue in your production environment. First log in to SAP and navigate to transaction WE20: Expand the Partner Type LS node and click on your system. A list of outbound and inbound permitted iDocs types will display. Click on the add button: Enter message type DEBMAS, Process code DEBM, and check the Trigger Immediately radio button, then click Save:

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How Can You Simplify SAP Order-to-Cash?

In my May post, I mentioned that a large number of SAP customers are struggling to implement a consumer grade user experience for their SAP systems, whether it be through SAP's Personas and Fiori platforms or through completely custom development in Java or .NET. Today I want to discuss a specific example - SAP Accounts Receivable with Order-to-Cash integration.  This is perhaps the most common business process across all organizations running SAP, and also the most cumbersome in terms of user experience.  Everyone needs a 360 degree view of a customer, with the ability to see all master data and [...]

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