Best Practices Oil & Gas Conference 2016

/Best Practices Oil & Gas Conference 2016

Best Practices Oil & Gas Conference 2016

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Event Date: September 13, 2016 11:45am(EST - Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5:00))

The challenges facing modern oil and gas companies are as diverse as the technologies used to continually meet the demands of an energy-driven economy. Fully leveraging technology investments has become an important competitive differentiator as organizations continue to identify key areas for improvement, and companies that choose the path of intelligent and aggressive process optimization will gain clear advantages.

Please join Brett George, Business Solutions Manager at Seventy Seven Energy, and Jon Gilman, CEO of Clear Software, on Tuesday, September 13, at 11:45 AM (Track 3 Asset Optimization) for their presentation “Transacting Rentals While Maintaining Corporate Visibility of the Equipment.”

This informative session will highlight the use of ClearUI® to significantly increase revenue by improving rental contract throughput. Additionally, the ClearUI® solution provides a foundation to rapidly solve previously intractable business problems across their enterprise.

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