Email Integration into SAP, Salesforce, et al

It’s undeniable that business software like SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle E-Business Suite are extremely powerful. They literally run core processes at most of the Fortune 500 – from sales to purchasing to manufacturing to finance. However, email integration is one critical area where they do not fare so well.

Let’s first define what I mean by email integration. I’m not…

One Year at Clear – Conclusions and Looking Ahead

Kaitlin Koenig

In the conclusion of the One Year at Clear series, Kaitlin and Shelby finish their reflections and look forward to another year of learning and growth both for themselves and for Clear!

Shelby: When I think back to where I was a year ago, something that strikes me is how much my confidence has grown. A year ago, I knew…

One Year at Clear – Individual Growth

Shelby Fletcher

In this post, Shelby and Kaitlin will explore the ways they’ve grown throughout the course of their first year with Clear Software.

Shelby: I’ve learned a lot over the past year related to translating. Not in terms of translating from one language to another, but rather the translation of taking technical concepts and deciphering the important parts in order to…

One Year at Clear – Company Growth

Kaitlin Koenig

Looking back on their first year at Clear Software, our teammates Kaitlin and Shelby have experienced both the growth of the company and significant personal and professional growth. These changes are interconnected: as the company has grown, they’ve risen to the occasion and taken on greater responsibilities. Similarly, as they’ve grown as individuals, the company has grown as a…

Frustration Series Part 4: Record Keeping Woes

Shelby Fletcher

You may use online banking to keep track of your personal expenses. It’s simple, right? You log in, and with just a few clicks you can understand the state of your personal finances, including cash outflows, inflows, debts owed, and payments scheduled. What about keeping track of your business records? This task is probably a bit more frustrating. Making…

Frustration Series Part 3: Company Merger Madness

Shelby Fletcher

Perhaps simultaneously one of the most exciting and frightening events in business: a merger. Exciting because of expanded capabilities and new business opportunities, but frightening for the way it can upset the normal day-to-day order of a business. Duplicate departments might be minimized, proper procedures get revised, whole product lines might be upended, and two separate systems of record…

Frustration Series Part 2: Invoicing Irritations

Shelby Fletcher

Hopefully, one of the most common activities a business performs is selling things to customers. This is the lifeblood of any business, right? And, records must be created and managed in order to track this fundamental business activity. Typically, you first create a record of the customer, then a sales order to indicate what the customer bought, then an…

Frustration Series: Introduction

Shelby Fletcher

Frustration: the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something.

It’s a feeling we all have experienced at one time or another, whether it was because of something as big as a delayed flight that strands you at the airport, or something as small as when the burger you ordered without pickles comes…

Parallels between Bicycling and Software

Shelby Fletcher

Recently, I had the good fortune of taking a week off of work to enjoy one of my favorite hobbies: bicycling. I participated in the Great Ohio Bike Adventure (GOBA for short), an annual week-long bicycle tour that features a route in different parts of Ohio each year, and attracts almost 1500 participants. Over the course of a…

SAP Punchout Catalog Integration with No Custom Code

As you may know from reading about Clear, we believe nothing in enterprise software should be complicated or expensive. Complex processes can always be distilled down into elegant solutions, with the right set of tools.

One of the most common processes we see at our customers is integrating their enterprise software systems with 3rd party eCommerce sites such as…