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RPA Ebook: A Better Way to Robotic Process Automation

The leadership within the Clear Software organization have decades of combined history in the ERP industry. Jon Gilman, our CEO, founded Clear Software because he grew weary of seeing companies spending hundreds of millions of dollars on IT projects that [...]

Business Process Automation for Order to Cash

The downstream impact of inaccurate or delayed Order-to-Cash processes are enormous to an organization: Customers are frustrated, impacting satisfaction, retention, and the ability of a company to increase overall revenues. In a digital world, where customers share their frustrations, you [...]

Feeling Ripped Off By Your ERP? You’re Not Alone

Summary: ERP software was supposed to increase operational efficiency at large organizations, but in most cases the opposite has happened. You can get more out of your technology investments without throwing them away, but you need to change your perspective [...]

Press Release: Clear Software Welcomes Orr Fellow Eileen Miller

ZIONSVILLE, IN -- February 6, 2018 -- Clear Software, the market leader in the simplification of business software, welcomes new Orr Fellow Eileen Miller of Lake Forest, Illinois. A December 2017 graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Brain [...]

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Email Integration into SAP, Salesforce, et al

It's undeniable that business software like SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle E-Business Suite are extremely powerful. They literally run core processes at most of the Fortune 500 - from sales to purchasing to manufacturing to finance. However, email integration is one [...]

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Frustration Series Part 3: Company Merger Madness

Perhaps simultaneously one of the most exciting and frightening events in business: a merger. Exciting because of expanded capabilities and new business opportunities, but frightening for the way it can upset the normal day-to-day order of a business. Duplicate departments [...]

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Frustration Series Part 2: Invoicing Irritations

Hopefully, one of the most common activities a business performs is selling things to customers. This is the lifeblood of any business, right? And, records must be created and managed in order to track this fundamental business activity. Typically, you [...]

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SAP Punchout Catalog Integration with No Custom Code

As you may know from reading about Clear, we believe nothing in enterprise software should be complicated or expensive. Complex processes can always be distilled down into elegant solutions, with the right set of tools. One of the most common [...]

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Press Release: Clear Software Welcomes Orr Fellow Christina Zerfas

ZIONSVILLE, IN -- June 28, 2017 -- Clear Software, the market leader in the simplification of business software, welcomes new Orr Fellow Christina Zerfas of Bloomington, IN. A May 2017 graduate of Indiana University with a degree in entrepreneurship and [...]

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Configuring SAP to Allow Customers to Be Created from Clear

In order to create customers from Clear, you will need to activate iDoc partner profiles in your SAP system. Please note that this should be added to your project Cutover List so that this will not be an issue in [...]

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Press Release: Clear Software Partners with Pippa Mann at 101st Running of Indianapolis 500

INDIANAPOLIS, IN -- May 10, 2017 -- Clear Software, the market leader in the simplification of business software, is proud to partner with Pippa Mann as an associate sponsor for a second straight year at the 101st running of the [...]

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