Frustration Series Part 4: Record Keeping Woes

You may use online banking to keep track of your personal expenses. It’s simple, right? You log in, and with just a few clicks you can understand the state of your personal finances, including cash outflows, inflows, debts owed, and payments scheduled. What about keeping track of your business records? This task is probably a bit more frustrating. Making sense of your business’s finances might involve traversing multiple systems that identify pieces of information differently and store it in different formats. Perhaps you made a wrong keystroke or misplaced a click, and the report you pull doesn’t actually contain the [...]

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Frustration Series Part 3: Company Merger Madness

Perhaps simultaneously one of the most exciting and frightening events in business: a merger. Exciting because of expanded capabilities and new business opportunities, but frightening for the way it can upset the normal day-to-day order of a business. Duplicate departments might be minimized, proper procedures get revised, whole product lines might be upended, and two separate systems of record must be merged into one. Delving into this last issue further, it really should read: “at least two separate systems of record must be merged.” Most businesses don’t operate with just one single system of record. In today’s complex enterprises, many [...]

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Frustration Series Part 2: Invoicing Irritations

Hopefully, one of the most common activities a business performs is selling things to customers. This is the lifeblood of any business, right? And, records must be created and managed in order to track this fundamental business activity. Typically, you first create a record of the customer, then a sales order to indicate what the customer bought, then an invoice to send to the customer so they pay, and then finally clear the invoice when the customer has paid for what they bought. Seems simple enough. However, for many people doing work at companies all across the globe, using software [...]

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Frustration Series: Introduction

Frustration: the feeling of being upset or annoyed, especially because of inability to change or achieve something. It’s a feeling we all have experienced at one time or another, whether it was because of something as big as a delayed flight that strands you at the airport, or something as small as when the burger you ordered without pickles comes with pickles. It’s natural to find yourself in frustrating situations throughout the normal course of life. But these were personal examples. What frustrating situations do you find yourself in at work? Perhaps it’s an ineffective teammate, or a broken coffee [...]

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Configuring SAP to Allow Customers to Be Created from Clear

In order to create customers from Clear, you will need to activate iDoc partner profiles in your SAP system. Please note that this should be added to your project Cutover List so that this will not be an issue in your production environment. First log in to SAP and navigate to transaction WE20: Expand the Partner Type LS node and click on your system. A list of outbound and inbound permitted iDocs types will display. Click on the add button: Enter message type DEBMAS, Process code DEBM, and check the Trigger Immediately radio button, then click Save:

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ASUG Webinar – How Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota Simplified the SAP User Experience with No Custom Code

Join Clear Software and BCBS of Minnesota to learn how BCBS of Minnesota was able to achieve dramatic operational efficiency and cost savings around high volume transactions in their call center, without any customization or costly consulting project fees. Watch the recorded webinar here:

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