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The Impact of a Strategic Approach to Integrated Automation on Merger & Acquisition Risk

The State of M&A in 2019 Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) remain one of the key methods that companies are responding to opportunities for direct inorganic growth as a result of changing business models, disruptive technologies, and shifting global markets. Improved cash flows, strengthened balance sheets, low cost of debt, and governance confidence all contributed to record M&A activity in 2018. This trend to date has continued into 2019. Technology Rises To The Top Acquisitions related to strategic technology plays continue to increase in the overall M&A landscape, and shorter deal cycles only exacerbate the need to apply the fundamentals of [...]

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Leaders Must Get Out of Their Offices

If you want to truly lead, you can’t do it sitting on the sidelines. The most effective leaders I know seem to be in perpetual motion. But they certainly are not spinning in circles. These movers and shakers spend time wisely with key people, business functions and new projects. They know that the more business operations they interact with, the more knowledge they will gain. And it’s the most active, informed people who give themselves the best chance at becoming great leaders. When I think about intelligently active leaders, there’s one example that always comes to mind: a friend and [...]

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Workplace Leadership: Then and Now

Leadership style has evolved over the years, but its most basic principles remain unchanged. In my 50+ years in business-leadership roles, I have been privy to plenty of transformations in society and business practices that impact leaders from all walks of life. I have learned from many different mentors and, in turn, I have passed along some enduring leadership tenets to the next generation of entrepreneurs. One of the most positive shifts I’ve noticed is in the widespread use of transparent communication. Back in my first managerial position, my retail role models were very direct—in a different way. They gave [...]

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