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Target Deployment Dates Development - March 18, 2020 Test - March 18, 2020 Production - March 25, 2020 New Features CLEAR-588: CD/CI push to make dev environments bleeding edge. CLEAR-586: Implemented the ability to run tutorials inside of Clear. CLEAR-579: Database read replica functionality. CLEAR-574: Multi-Language Support (i18n) feature added. Gives the user the ability to change language of Clear and builders the ability to translate certain properties. CLEAR-554: New component called "SortableTree" which is a sortable, drag and drop representation of hierarchical data. CLEAR-529: Added a new templating processor to help with more complex processes for ClearProcess. CLEAR-518: ClearBackground [...]

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Target Deployment Dates Development - January 16, 2020 Test - January 16, 2020 Production - January 23, 2020 Bug Fixes CLEAR-487/541: Removed the in-modal save page operation when creating a new component/page. CLEAR-533: Fixed an issue where the copy page operation would fail after multiple copies. CLEAR-543: Show an error message when a variable does not exist during ClearProcess execution instead of silently failing. This will help debugging issues across all environments. CLEAR-552: Show errors when saving a page/api if the operation fails. Use the updated messaging system. CLEAR-553: Most internal operations that read/save data to the database now show [...]

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Target Deployment Dates Development - December 6, 2019 Test - December 6, 2019 Production - December 12, 2019 New Features Added a new templating processor to help with more complex processes for ClearProcess. Added an offset and limit to the background task worker. Bug Fixes Tighter permissions on internal APIs. Fixed an issue when a logged out user, that has been redirected to the login page, would occasionally get a blank screen on login. Updated MySQL backend for MySQL Adapter. string_add_float no longer breaks when receiving a float. DatePickerInput can now reference other components as a source.

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Target Deployment Dates Development - October 24, 2019 Test - October 24, 2019 Production - November 1, 2019 New Features CLEAR-117: Raw JSON editor in API/Page builders. This functionality is only enabled for users with the is_staff flag enabled. If eligible, there will be a new button on the top right side of the builder pages called Raw Mode. Once activated the sortable tree is replaced with a text editor with the contents of API or Page. CLEAR-492: In addition to having the width property for the Input component. The width prop has been added to DatePickerInput, FileInput, TextArea, Div, [...]

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Clear Software and Automation Anywhere Announce Strategic Partnership

Clear Software, a leading provider of attended Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) software, announced a technology alliance partnership with Automation Anywhere, recognized as the leader in Intelligent Process Automation, to fully integrate their respective solutions and collaborate on global sales and marketing programs. We are delighted to be partnering with Automation Anywhere to help deliver Attended RPA to their customer base. Attended RPA is this missing link that allows large organizations to scale process automation to tens of thousands of employees, and our complementary platforms address this missing link. We look forward to working with their talented team. Jon Gilman, CEO of [...]

RPA Ebook: A Better Way to Robotic Process Automation

The leadership within the Clear Software organization have decades of combined history in the ERP industry. Jon Gilman, our CEO, founded Clear Software because he grew weary of seeing companies spending hundreds of millions of dollars on IT projects that didn't transform the business. Jon has written his first eBook to help ERP executives and consultants avoid selecting the wrong robotic process automation vendor or implementing automation incorrectly. Robotic process automation is a powerful concept that can have a huge impact on your business, but nearly half of all RPA projects fail. Jon identifies three reasons why and how to [...]

Press Release: Clear Software Welcomes Orr Fellow Eileen Miller

ZIONSVILLE, IN -- February 6, 2018 -- Clear Software, the market leader in the simplification of business software, welcomes new Orr Fellow Eileen Miller of Lake Forest, Illinois. A December 2017 graduate of Purdue University with a degree in Brain and Behavioral Science, Miller will be working full-time with Clear’s client services team. Orr Fellowship, named for the late Indiana Governor Robert D. Orr, pairs high-achieving college graduates with some of Indiana’s most dynamic, high-growth companies for two-year tenures of executive-level mentorship, networking, job skill development, and professional growth. Since its inception in 2001, Orr Fellowship has placed more than [...]

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One Year at Clear – Conclusions and Looking Ahead

In the conclusion of the One Year at Clear series, Kaitlin and Shelby finish their reflections and look forward to another year of learning and growth both for themselves and for Clear! Shelby: When I think back to where I was a year ago, something that strikes me is how much my confidence has grown. A year ago, I knew I certainly had the encouragement and freedom to make marketing suggestions and develop new ideas, but I didn’t feel like I knew enough about our business that early on to make good suggestions. Now, after being here for a year, [...]

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