What is ClearRETM?

Our Rules Engine lets you configure REST APIs that streamline complex business rules and workflows across legacy systems.

Example Use Case

Legacy systems often require data that is meaningless to business users, particularly with customer and vendor master records. Using multiple legacy systems only compounds this issue, placing the burden of tedious data entry on your staff. ClearRE allows business users to be more productive and decreases ramp-up time with:

Increased Relevance

Required data that has no relevance to business users can be defaulted based on conditional rules so that users can focus on only the most important data.

Synchronization of Master Records

Master records can be synchronized across systems automatically to eliminate duplicate data and create one version of the truth for your organization.

Automation of Manual Processes

Other time-consuming, often-repeated manual processes can be automated to drastically reduce time spent per task.

Protect your existing software investment

By making your data and functionality more usable, enabling cross-system automation, and providing intuitive interactions with data and processes not supported by your legacy applications alone, ClearRE empowers your users to be more effective while simplifying your IT landscape.

Data Transformation

Create transformation rules to translate data as it passes across different legacy systems.


Integrate with SAP, Salesforce, Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and other legacy systems.


Seamlessly weave together business rules and technical logic.