What is ClearUI®?

ClearUI® is our flagship user interface that streamlines tasks across enterprise applications into logical business processes.

In other words – we take the 20 to 30 screens you use and put them in one easy-to-use web page, yielding a 360° view of your business process.

Key Advantages of ClearUI

Increased Productivity

Users can complete tasks at least 5x faster.

Less Training

Consolidated, intuitive interface decreases need for extensive training.

Rapid Implementation

Only 30 days required per business process.

Standardized Processes

Share best practices with the user community more easily versus custom solutions.

Cleaner Data

Simple validation tools like drop-down menus and auto-completes increase user accuracy.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

By avoiding expensive development costs, overall implementation cost is reduced.


The beauty of our platform is that we don’t store your data on our servers. Data is read and updated synchronously through an ultra-secure, 256-bit encrypted IPSec tunnel.