Conscious Capitalism

The purpose of business is to improve the state of the world, and thus we believe in the core tenets of Conscious Capitalism. When conscious businesses actively work to improve the positions of all stakeholders, they end up with happy customers, engaged employees, and thriving communities. We are also proud to be a member of the Indianapolis chapter of Conscious Capitalism.

Clear Software and Conscious Capitalism

Community Stakeholders

We place a particular emphasis on our community stakeholders through a number of initiatives where we volunteer our time and energy.

The Technology Gap

The Technology Gap and CoderDojo

Technology skills are becoming more critical both in the workplace and at home. The disadvantage of this exponential pace of innovation is that it becomes increasingly difficult to enter technology fields. Left unchecked, this growing technology gap could isolate huge portions of our population and leave them unable to advance their careers or enter new professions.

Clear Software is currently taking steps to combat this issue. CoderDojo is a global organization devoted to preparing children aged 7 to 17 for all concepts in technology by putting them through free coding courses. These courses are taught by volunteers who are technology industry veterans. You can find members of the Clear team on Sunday afternoons teaching coding skills to the Indianapolis youth. Sign up here.

Gender Equality

Gender Inequality

Clear Software believes that empowering women at a young age enables them to become successful leaders in their future careers. Passions Worth Sharing is a program that allows girls in high school to share a passion of theirs with peers through a “Ted Talk” style speech. The aim of the program is for young women to reflect on their passions and to be encouraged to share them with others.

Starting in December of 2017, five students from Zionsville Community High School were selected and paired with a woman in the workforce to act as their mentor. Mentors hosted group training sessions and engaged in one-on-one discussions with the students, and after five months of preparation, the students presented on a wide variety of passions to a group of over 70 peers.

LGBTQ+ Civil Rights

LGBTQ+ Civil Rights

We believe equal rights belong to all human beings, regardless of who they love or what they believe. Clear Software is involved with a number of organizations that promote LBGTQ+ Civil Rights, including Freedom Indiana and Tech for Equality.

We are also active in promoting legislation in Indiana to expand civil rights protections for the LBGTQ+ community and in fighting legislation that is counterproductive to that effort.

Veteran Transition

HVAF Veteran Transition

One of the biggest challenges our veterans face is the transition back into civilian life. Clear Software believes that it is extremely important to provide programs that help ease that transition and get our veterans back into meaningful and exciting careers.

We work with Hoosier Veterans Assistance Foundation to train veterans on various Excel programs and other member-identified skills that they believe will have the greatest benefit in their respective careers.