This action allows you to clear the values of components in a page. The valid components that can be cleared are inputs, datePickers, timePickers, textAreas dataTables, and checkboxes. Valid page components for this action are:

  • ModeSwitcher – use the onCreate property.
  • ActionButton – use the onClick property.
  • Input – use the onBlur property.


actionSet this to “clear” to use this action.
inputsA list of inputs to be cleared.
textAreasA list of text areas to be cleared.
datePickersA list of date pickers to be cleared.
timePickersA list of time pickers to be cleared.
dataTablesA list of data tables to be cleared.
checkboxesA list of checkboxes to be cleared


Add the following to your component:

  "actionName": "clear",
  "inputs": [
  "textAreas": [
  "datePickers": [
  "timePickers": [
  "dataTables": [