A module is a logical group of pages that typically corresponds to an L1 Process Category (e.g Manage Customer Service) or an L2 Process Group (e.g. Manage Customer Contacts). It’s a way to keep your pages segregated by job function.


Property Description
Id The unique ID of the module.
Label The text label that should appear in the navigation bar at the top of the page.
Slug The text that will appear in the URL for all pages in the module.
Display Order The order in which the module appears in the navigation bar (zero indexed).
Pages The pages that have been assigned to the module and their display order.

Creating Modules

In ClearWork, navigate to Tools > Modules and click the Create button:

Once you’ve entered the required fields, click the Save button.

Changing Modules

You can change the slug, label, and display order of a module as well as the display order of the pages within the module. In ClearWork, navigate to Tools > Modules, select a module, and click the Change button:

Once you’ve entered the required fields, click the Save button.

Assigning Pages to Modules

You can assign a page to one or more modules. This is especially helpful when you want to create modules for two different departments within your organization, but you want both departments to have access to the same page. To assign modules to a page, open the ClearWork editor and click on the Properties button at the top-most level in the page tree:

To select more than one module, hold down the Control button (Command on Mac) and click on each desired module. Then click the Save Page button: