A user needs to be created in the Users table for any end user of ClearWork or any services user of ClearProcess. Users are configurable by administrators within your organization. In ClearWork, navigate to Tools > Users to see a list of permitted users.

Adding Users

In the Users page, click the Add User button:

The Add User modal will display. The following fields are available:

Field Description
User The username of the user.
First Name The first name of the user.
Last Name The last name of the user.
Administrator Indicator that the user is an administrator and should have access to the ClearWork and ClearProcess editors.
Attributes Custom user attributes can be stored as key-value pairs in a JSON string in this field.

Click the Save button to add the user:

Deleting Users

In the Users page, click the Delete User button:

The Delete User modal will appear. Select the user to be deleted and click the Delete button: