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Will Clear involve expensive consultants?

We have a team of SAP, Oracle and Salesforce experts who can rapidly integrate Clear into your environment and accelerate your time-to-value, but Clear has always been built with the "citizen developer" in mind. Our intention is to limit your dependence on expensive third-party contractors. Our vision is to eliminate this dependence entirely.

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Which ERP and CRM systems does Clear support?

The Clear RPA engine is built on a flexible model. We have tight integrations into SAP, Oracle EBS, and Salesforce systems. We have the ability to consume any SOAP-based or RESTful API. (such as the Google Maps API which allows us to bring location data to life) Even your homegrown systems can be integrated into Clear; we have connectors for every major database vendor.

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Does Clear Software store my business data?

When you use Clear, your data remains in your own systems, whether they are on-prem or cloud-based. Our RPA engine works directly with data in your current ERP and CRM systems. Your data is never stored "at rest" in Clear's cloud platform, and it is always encrypted in transit.

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What browsers are supported by Clear Software?

Clear Software supports all modern browsers. Google Chrome is recommended. The following is our browser support matrix. Browsers that auto­update are supported as of their mid­-2016 version. Browser Supported Versions Google Chrome (recommended) 49+ Mozilla Firefox 46+ Apple Safari 10+ Internet Explorer (not recommended) 11 Microsoft Edge 12-18

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