Looking back on their first year at Clear Software, our teammates Kaitlin and Shelby have experienced both the growth of the company and significant personal and professional growth. These changes are interconnected: as the company has grown, they’ve risen to the occasion and taken on greater responsibilities. Similarly, as they’ve grown as individuals, the company has grown as a result of their contributions. This is the first post in a joint three-part series by Kaitlin and Shelby reflecting on these changes.

Part One: Company Growth

Over the past year, there have been significant changes for Clear both internally and externally. In November, we completed an overhaul of our website to reflect the true capabilities of our suite of products and give us a better venue to share content and communicate what we’re all about. Many of the changes we made reflect an internal shift in the way we view our own products. In the beginning of our time at Clear, we promoted one product, a user interface solution, that offered a specific set of benefits. We’ve since shifted to offering a platform—an entire suite of products that work together to offer even more significant benefits for businesses.

Another one of the obvious changes since we started last summer is that we graduated from Zionsville’s coworking space zWORKS and moved into our own office space on Main Street. We’re thankful for our time at zWORKS and how it helped us lay the foundation for our company, but we are also excited to have a place we can call our own with room to grow. Not to mention that we now have a place for our ping pong table.

We’ve welcomed new members to the team, including Tad, Dustin, and Christina, and have welcomed new customers as well. Every day, we continue to learn about our new teammates’ skillsets, adjust our workflows, and figure out how we can improve. The journey continues!

The next two posts in this series will focus on the ways Clear’s growth has affected Kaitlin and Shelby’s professional and personal development. Follow the links to read Part 2: One Year at Clear – Individual Growth and Part 3: One Year at Clear – Conclusions and Looking Ahead!