In the conclusion of the One Year at Clear series, Kaitlin and Shelby finish their reflections and look forward to another year of learning and growth both for themselves and for Clear!

Shelby: When I think back to where I was a year ago, something that strikes me is how much my confidence has grown. A year ago, I knew I certainly had the encouragement and freedom to make marketing suggestions and develop new ideas, but I didn’t feel like I knew enough about our business that early on to make good suggestions. Now, after being here for a year, I have a greater number of ideas and feel sure in stepping forward and going to develop them. The saying “better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission” has helped me keep my discomfort with making mistakes at bay.

We rely on each other so heavily, and work with the knowledge that if one of us doesn’t step up, whatever task it is simply won’t get done. Rather than be paralyzed with fear of not doing something perfectly, it so much better for Clear, and for me, to go forth and do and create something, with the knowledge that at least trying something is better than the status quo.

Kaitlin: Looking back at how I have changed during my first year at Clear, two things stand out. The first is how I’ve adapted my communication style to work more effectively with new groups of people. I mentioned in the last post that a large part of my job is interacting with customers to identify and fulfill their needs. As much as I have learned about client communication, however, I have learned more about communication within my own team. I’ve had an eclectic mix of work experiences spanning across different industries and company sizes, but I had never before worked with software developers. I now know that some developers communicate in a very specific way, and I had to learn how to adapt to that particular style. I’m happy to say that I can now effectively communicate with these types of people. I credit one of our developers for being the inspiration behind this learning experience—and for bearing with me as I learned how to best communicate with this unfamiliar species.

Another notable change is my increased comfort level with continuous iterations of our product. I am very much the type of person who likes to cross things off her list and be done with them. However, in software development, that doesn’t really happen—ever. There’s always issues to be fixed, requirements to be changed, and processes to be improved. I’ve realized that I can’t ever really cross something off my list, because odds are that we will revisit it at a later date. I found this frustrating at first, but I’ve come to see it as a (mostly) good thing. I’ve come to see it as an indication that we are continuously learning and improving—and that is something that I can definitely get behind.

We joined Clear Software ready for a challenge. In the past year, we’ve learned and grown so much—but there’s still more work to be done. If anything, these areas of growth are only the beginning. Just like our software, our processes, and our company, we are continually iterating and improving. We’ve become more resilient as a result of our work here and are ready for our next year at Clear.

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