In this post, Shelby and Kaitlin will explore the ways they’ve grown throughout the course of their first year with Clear Software.

Shelby: I’ve learned a lot over the past year related to translating. Not in terms of translating from one language to another, but rather the translation of taking technical concepts and deciphering the important parts in order to tell a story that prospects, customers, readers, or website visitors will care about. A year ago, I knew very little about large enterprise systems of the sort we work with at Clear, let alone what’s meaningful to people looking to improve their business systems. Through countless conversations, attending conferences, and of course asking many questions, I now have a better handle on what’s important when talking about business software.

Beyond the work of taking technical capabilities and translating them into captivating stories, then comes the work of translating these stories into all the various forms of marketing communication. There’s webpages, social media posts, blog posts, press releases, one-pagers, videos, webinars, email campaigns, and more that can be used alone or in combination to convey information. Over the last year, I’ve learned a lot about what makes for an effective story in each of these mediums and using the tools associated with each medium.

Kaitlin: In the last year, I’ve expanded my technical knowledge and learned the art of process translation. At first, I had very limited technical knowledge—but what I lacked in skill, I made up for in desire to learn. Now, I’ve learned the language of SAP and can configure an entire page in ClearUI in under 30 minutes. I can create APIs and have worked on new features with the development team. I can honestly say that I never thought I would perk up with interest when “VBAK” is mentioned, but here I am. And I even know what it means. (For those of you who are curious, it’s the table for sales order header data in SAP).

In addition to my augmented technical knowledge, I have learned how to translate cumbersome business processes in SAP into streamlined business processes in ClearUI. In my one year at Clear, I have been a part of two implementations from start to finish. Throughout each implementation, I learn how people do their jobs, translate the process into ClearUI, and look for opportunities to improve the existing process. As you can imagine, this involves a fair amount of client communication. I have learned what kinds of questions to ask in order to fully understand the business process, get to the heart of the issue, and discover areas for improvement.

It is only when you comprehend a business process that you can see the inherent problems with it and begin to formulate a solution. The solution is not merely a carbon copy of the process in SAP, but rather a more intuitive rendition that mirrors the way people think and work. My questions prompt users to revisit their established business processes and imagine how they could be better with ClearUI. It’s a fulfilling journey to customer happiness, and I am their enthusiastic guide.

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