Our Team

Jon Gilman CEO

I have always been passionate about fixing broken business processes and cleaning up the mess left by enterprise software. It honestly bothers me to see companies spending hundreds of millions of dollars on IT projects, which motivated me to start Clear Software. I enjoy listening to metal and classic rock, particularly Metallica, The Clash, and Pearl Jam.

Marty Thompson CMO

I’m privileged to work with a brilliant team of people at Clear and to lead our marketing efforts. We believe that great marketing begins with understanding what matters to our customers, and working closely with them to effect positive change in their businesses.

Tad Alper VP of Sales

I lead our sales organization in tasks ranging from seeking customers to building long-term value-driven relationships. Enterprise software is necessary for business, but I completely believe in our exciting, disruptive vision of bringing hard-to-believe business ROI by simply making employees’ jobs easier. Outside of work I can be found operating as a family taxi service and cheering on my three teenagers.

Dustin Rasener VP of Products

This work gives me a sense of purpose. Work should not be tedium, and Clear software simplifies our customers’ working lives by making business processes make sense. I serve this mission by crafting solutions to technical challenges in our core software products while enabling other members of my team to do the same. I’m a lifelong learner who embraces a challenge; I have found many at Clear.

Brad Deveau Software Developer

I’m a Full-Stack developer working to make sure that not only does software work, but makes sense too. The purpose of my programming has always been to make complicated processes more simple and user friendly, and nowhere is this needed more than in business software. I like movies where the ‘good guy’ doesn’t necessarily win and enjoy heavy rock with singers that put themselves into their material.

Robinson Shields Integration Manager

I help our clients merge their complex business processes with Clear Software. I enjoy making peoples lives easier by simplifying their day to day duties, and I work with a great team of people who give me the ability to do that every day. I listen to everything from classical to classic rock, and if you don’t think The Blues Brothers movie is the greatest piece of cinematography ever made then you are sadly mistaken.

Kaitlin Koenig Services Manager

I act as a liaison between the customer and the development team to identify and fulfill customer needs. I enjoy working at Clear Software because it gives me the opportunity to make a meaningful impact in users’ lives. While I enjoy listening to just about anything, my favorite type of music is classic hard rock—AC/DC is my jam. I’m a total Netflix junkie and love watching comedies.

Shelby Fletcher Marketing Manager

My job is to create, clarify, and communicate so the outside world knows why Clear Software matters. I keep coming to work because we’re on a journey to build something together, and I’m excited to play a part. Nine times out of ten, I won’t have seen whatever movie you’re talking about, but I love music of all kinds.

Christina ZerfasSales Associate

I help configure our products for our customers’ needs so they can get their jobs done more easily, and I manage Clear’s conscious capitalism projects. I find both lines of work fulfilling because I know that my efforts make the lives of hardworking people easier. Though my great memory of song lyrics may be mostly wasted on my lack of singing skills, you can bet I put on a great karaoke performance.

Eileen Miller Client Services Associate

As part of the client services team, I help ensure that Clear Software is serving its purpose by making customers’ lives easier. I find great fulfillment if I can come to work and know that I’m helping people perform their job with less headaches. I absolutely love movies, and I am fascinated by all the complexity and creativity that goes into making a great film.