The Problem

Organizations have invested heavily in software over the last 20 years, yet productivity growth has declined:

The Culprit

Business software is difficult to use and difficult to connect with other systems, dramatically slowing down organizations:

“After we went live on our ERP, our call center grew 3X, our AP department 5X, and our IT department 10X. That’s extremely negative ROI.”

Chris Bohnert, Chief Accounting Officer, Calumet Specialty Products

The Solution

Embrace end-to-end process automation. Clear is on a mission to simplify business software and make people more productive:

Clear Software Platform

What is ClearWork?

Our No-Code Business Process Management Software (BPMS) streamlines workflows across systems into a single web page.

  • Access 250+ pre-delivered business process workflows
  • Orchestrate people and automations to increase productivity
  • Create a single source of truth across systems
  • Rapidly deliver apps as business needs change
  • Do it all without writing a single line of code!
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What is ClearProcess?

Our Low-Code Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) automates tedious tasks and complex workflows across systems.

  • Access 6,000+ pre-delivered integrations/automations
  • Automate without fear of upgrades
  • Consume RPA bots from other vendors
  • Unleash the power of ERP systems
  • Do it all in a well-known, low-code scripting language!
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The Stories

The Use Cases

Clear can accelerate and automate any activity related to your systems.

Accelerate Users’ Daily Workflows

Integrate Multiple Systems

Convert Data at Enterprise Scale

Accelerate System Implementations

Load Excel Data Into Systems

Mass Update Master Data

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Ready to get started? Reach out today.

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