Clear Software and SAP

Seamlessly Integrate SAP and Salesforce

Getting SAP and Salesforce to talk to each other can be an expensive endeavor that requires an army of consultants. Clear natively integrates the two so that both platforms can share customer information and access sales activity in real time.

  • 4,300+ pre-built integrations and automations across all Salesforce objects and SAP modules to accelerate time to value

  • Purpose-built for SAP and Salesforce to enable greater reliability and faster deployment

  • Configuration-driven to allow business users to automate processes

ClearWork Empowers Your Workforce

Our Business Process Management Software (BPMS) gives your team a single pane of glass to their business processes, leading to dramatic increases in productivity and decreases in training time. ClearWork serves as the trigger for many of the automations you create in ClearProcess.

  • Drive better process compliance and higher user adoption

  • Cut customer service response times by at least 50%

  • Dramatically reduce customer and vendor invoice reconciliation times

  • Enable attended robotic process automation by connecting our thousands of pre-delivered bots to your workforce’s fingertips

ClearProcess Automates Salesforce and SAP

Our Integration Platform As A Service (iPaaS) allows you to streamline processes inside and outside of Salesforce and SAP, creating powerful automations that extend the power of both platforms and protect your long-term software investments. And we do it without brittle screen scraping technology.

  • Configure simple or complex business rules that won’t break between Salesforce and SAP versions

  • Keep data in sync across Salesforce, SAP, and other software applications

  • Scale on powerful cloud-based architecture to meet future business needs

Trusted by SAP

Clear has been certified by SAP for Business Object Repository (BOR) integration, which means SAP has validated our integration into every published BAPI and RFC. For more information, check out our entry in SAP’s Certified Solutions Directory.

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