What is ClearProcess?

Our Low-Code Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) automates tedious tasks and complex workflows across systems.

APIs configured in our ClearProcess editor enable automations ranging from a single step task to an end-to-end business process that may involve hundreds of tasks.

ClearProcess - RPA Integrations

Your Automation Hub

Approve purchase orders from email. Send a text to close a service ticket. Use AI to apply cash to receivables.

Automations configured in ClearProcess can be triggered by human workers, voice commands, text messages, emails, and many other methods. ClearProcess acts as a centralized hub for all of your automation technologies, enabling you to orchestrate powerful automations that drive incredible productivity gains.

ClearProcess - RPA Integrations



Since ClearWork and ClearProcess work across multiple enterprise software systems simultaneously, the platform supports Single Sign-On for Active Directory, Okta, Google, and any other identity provider that supports the SAML 2.0 standard.

Any ClearProcess API can be called via upload from Microsoft Excel. The serverless architecture behind ClearProcess enables enterprises to load millions of data records into their systems of record, making this feature particularly useful for systems conversions, including migration from SAP ECC to SAP S/4 HANA.

The Clear platform natively integrates with any vendor that supports Punchout (cXML) protocol, which allows a large percentage of the Procure to Pay process to be completely automated.

The Clear platform natively integrates with all IVR technologies, enabling screen pops in call centers and help desks.

ClearWork provides rich dashboard and reporting visualizations, while ClearProcess allows enterprises to pull together data from many disparate systems into a single view.

ClearProcess immediately enables enterprise software for EDI via our pre-delivered APIs for all EDI document transactions.

ClearProcess natively integrates with most major document management systems, including OpenText, Amazon S3, and Google Drive; giving you access to you documents and ERP/CRM data simultaneously.

ClearWork can natively scan bar codes via mobile devices and pass the data to ClearProcess, where our thousands of pre-delivered automations can take action based on that data.

Customer Success Stories

The Use Cases

Clear can accelerate and automate any activity related to your systems.

Accelerate Users’ Daily Workflows

Integrate Multiple Systems

Convert Data at Enterprise Scale

Accelerate System Implementations

Load Excel Data Into Systems

Mass Update Master Data

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