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Effective Business Process Automation: The Hybrid RPA Approach

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was developed to both assist and replace work accomplished by human beings. Processes are standardized, centralized, and optimized with the deployment of software bots which can accomplish tasks with flawless precision and effortless scalability. Talent within organizations [...]

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Streamlined Sales Process with Real-Time Inventory

Patterson-UTI utilized ClearWork to provide a single rentals page where users can accurately assign serialized equipment to projects and create invoices in 5 minutes with just a few clicks. This reduced development time, increased productivity, and simplified the data entry process. [...]


Printing an SAP Invoice using Robotic Process Automation

Printing an Invoice in SAP takes at least 60 seconds even for the most seasoned user, but often takes several minutes for the average user. See how Robotic Process Automation in ClearWork and ClearProcess can make that process 9 seconds regardless of a user's skill set.In this video, we show a user printing an invoice in SAP (0:00 to 1:07) and then printing an invoice in ClearWork (1:07 to 1:16).

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