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Punchout Lowers Procurement Costs And Improves Working Capital Performance

Accurate measurement of days sales outstanding (DSO) and days payable outstanding (DPO) are critical for assessing overall corporate financial health, since total working capital performance can only be determined when DSO and DPO are used in conjunction with days inventory [...]

Why Finance Executives Should Care About Attended RPA and Order Entry Optimization

Ask any finance executive about one of the things they obsess over, and it is invariably Days Sales Outstanding (DSO). The magic number of how many days it takes for a company to convert its accounts receivables into cash varies [...]

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Seventy Seven Energy: Streamlined Sales Process with Real-Time Inventory

Seventy Seven Energy uses Clear Software to provide a single web page where their sales team can accurately rent custom configured oil rigs and equipment to their customers, regardless of complexity, in less than 5 minutes. This significantly increases productivity, resulting in higher revenues and profits. [...]


Patterson-UTI: Streamlined Sales Process with Real-Time Inventory

Patterson-UTI utilized ClearWork to provide a single rentals page where users can accurately assign serialized equipment to projects and create invoices in 5 minutes with just a few clicks. This reduced development time, increased productivity, and simplified the data entry process. [...]


Printing an SAP Invoice using Robotic Process Automation

Printing an Invoice in SAP takes at least 60 seconds even for the most seasoned user, but often takes several minutes for the average user. See how Robotic Process Automation in ClearWork and ClearProcess can make that process 9 seconds regardless of a user's skill set.In this video, we show a user printing an invoice in SAP (0:00 to 1:07) and then printing an invoice in ClearWork (1:07 to 1:16).

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