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Bridging the Process Mining Gap in RPA Projects

Modern ERP platforms provide an indispensable backbone of complex functions and processes that represent a significant technology investment. Understanding all the details of a business process is ultimately one of the keys to any successful RPA project, especially when it [...]

The Impact of a Strategic Approach to Integrated Automation on Merger & Acquisition Risk

The State of M&A in 2019 Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) remain one of the key methods that companies are responding to opportunities for direct inorganic growth as a result of changing business models, disruptive technologies, and shifting global markets. Improved [...]

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A Better Product Podcast: What to Do When the Product Doesn’t Sell Itself

Jon was recently a guest on A Better Product Podcast from InnovateMap. The episode is called What to Do When the Product Doesn’t Sell Itself. With hosts Christian Beck and Anna Eaglin, Jon discusses how Clear Software navigates the complex sale to drive value for our users. Jon shares how we had [...]


Seventy Seven Energy: Streamlined Sales Process with Real-Time Inventory

Seventy Seven Energy uses Clear Software to provide a single web page where their sales team can accurately rent custom configured oil rigs and equipment to their customers, regardless of complexity, in less than 5 minutes. This significantly increases productivity, resulting in higher revenues and profits. [...]


Printing an SAP Invoice using Robotic Process Automation

Printing an Invoice in SAP takes at least 60 seconds even for the most seasoned user, but often takes several minutes for the average user. See how Robotic Process Automation in ClearWork and ClearProcess can make that process 9 seconds regardless of a user's skill set.In this video, we show a user printing an invoice in SAP (0:00 to 1:07) and then printing an invoice in ClearWork (1:07 to 1:16).

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