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Futurum Tech Webcast: The Cloudification of the Contact Center


Shelly Demotte Kramer from Futurum Research discuss why it is critical that organizations migrate contact center functions to the cloud, how to migrate, and some of the obstacles organizations may face along the way. Her guests include Brandon Knight, Vice President of Contact Center Practice at Telarus, Jeff Nicholson, Vice President of CRM at Pegasystems, and Jon Gilman, CEO of Clear Software.

Futurum Tech Webcast: Automation in the Oil & Gas Industry


Shelly Demotte Kramer from Futurum Research discusses how automation is being used in exciting ways in the Oil & Gas industry. Her guests include Brad Onofrio, Senior Director of Sales Operations at Calumet Specialty Products, Frank Wilson, Business Solutions Manager at Patterson-UTI Drilling, and Jon Gilman, CEO of Clear Software.

Futurum Tech Podcast: The Evolution of RPA and IA


In this episode, Daniel Newman welcomes three experts to talk about robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation (IA). Francis Carden is one of the founders of OpenSpan and is currently VP of Digital Automation and Robotics at Pegasystems. Lee Coulter is CEO of transformAI, and our CEO, Jon Gilman. Together, they gave Dan some great insight on the future of RPA and IA.

BCBS of Minnesota: Digitally Transforming the Contact Center


Eve Mellum, Business Analyst at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, discusses the transformation of their Contact Center business processes from 27 screens in their ERP system to one screen in ClearWork. Their automation work took the Average Handling Time of a customer call from 10 minutes down to less than 2 minutes.

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