In our first infographic, we are providing an overview of both Intelligent Process Automation (RPA) as well as its impact on the Order to Cash (OTC or O2C) process. Order to Cash health within an organization is imperative to the overall financial health of the business and RPA is providing a layer to ensure your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) investment is fully realized.

In the Intelligent Process Automation and Order to Cash infographic, we explore the following:

  • What is RPA? The definition, the industry growth, and the technologies.
  • What are the benefits of RPA?
  • What is Order to Cash?
  • How can businesses benefit from Order to Cash processes being optimized?
  • How does RPA assist in Order to Cash optimization?
  • How do you calculate the Return on Investment for RPA?
  • What are the three most common issues that lead to an RPA implementation failure?

Here’s the full infographic. Please feel free to share and use it – just be sure to provide credit back to our site.

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Infographic: How RPA Impacts Order to Cash