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Learn how Seventy Seven Energy achieved significant throughput and data accuracy improvements with ClearWork.


Jon Gilman: 00:04 Clear Software’s mission is to make people’s jobs a lot easier than they are today. We got really frustrated seeing customers spend hundreds of millions of dollars implementing business systems that their users didn’t want to use. This makes executives extremely frustrated when they’ve spent a lot of money on a solution that people are rejecting throughout the organization.

Jon Gilman: 00:23 So Seventy Seven Energy came to us with a unique problem.

Kenna Warren: 00:26 Seventy Seven Energy is an oil field services company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We had a very manual process, in most cases, so it lends itself to inaccurate information being put into the system and there weren’t any checks and balances. We had a lot of equipment that was unaccounted for; by the time we knew where it was it had moved.

Brett George: 00:45 We faced customer frustration from the rental order aspect in the fact that we had to return to the field on location multiple times to have our sales documents re-signed. We had to have multiple dispatchers to perform activities that should be done by just one or two individuals.

Kenna Warren: 01:00 In some cases our users would have up to 52 screen and tabs that they would go through, just to do one rental order. And a lot of cases that would take upwards of an hour. We heard complaints daily. It was a little more difficult to understand. It wasn’t as easily adopted.

Jon Gilman: 01:15 What we were able to do was come in an provide a clean slate and say, “Forget about all of the customization you’ve done. Let’s look at your business process from a business perspective. What do you need to do from the time you talk to a customer to the time that a piece of equipment is shipped to that customer? And then let’s streamline that together without the inherent limitations of your current legacy system.”

Kenna Warren: 01:36 By implementing Clear we were able to see some immediate cost savings in that we were able to streamline our work processes, employees were more productive and able to work on other things.

Brett George: 01:46 We were to go from 52 screens down to one screen. It reduced our through-processing from approximately 40 minutes for our simplest orders down to five minutes, regardless of the complexities.

Kenna Warren: 01:56 The accuracy of our rentals was greatly improved. Now that we’ve got systems in check when they enter a piece of equipment, if it’s not where it’s supposed to be, the system will tell them and they will be able to know and correct it immediately.

Jon Gilman: 02:07 Probably the most satisfying part of our jobs is seeing the looks on the faces of our customers when they use Clear for the first time. It’s like a burden has been lifted from them and they’re able to get their jobs done the way they should have been done in the first place.

Kenna Warren: 02:19 With Clear we were able to eliminate thousands of lines of custom code, which will help us not only now with the initial implementation, but going forward whenever we do a system upgrade.

Brett George: 02:28 With these successes we’ve obtained with Clear Software we’re looking to roll this out in other areas of our organization, seeing where we can leverage Clear Software’s abilities.

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