Learn how Seventy Seven Energy achieved significant throughput and data accuracy improvements with ClearWork.


Kenna Warren: Seventy Seven Energy is an oil field services company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We had a very manual process, in most cases, so it lends itself to inaccurate information being put into the system and there weren’t any checks and balances. We had a lot of equipment that was unaccounted for; by the time we knew where it was it had moved.

Brett George: We faced customer frustration from the rental order aspect in the fact that we had to return to the field on location multiple times to have our sales documents re-signed. We had to have multiple dispatchers to perform activities that should be done by just one or two individuals.

Kenna Warren: In some cases our users would have up to 52 screen and tabs that they would go through, just to do one rental order. And a lot of cases that would take upwards of an hour. We heard complaints daily. It was a little more difficult to understand. It wasn’t as easily adopted.

Brett George: We were to go from 52 screens down to one screen. It reduced our through-processing from approximately 40 minutes for our simplest orders down to five minutes, regardless of the complexities.

Kenna Warren: With Clear we were able to eliminate thousands of lines of custom code, which will help us not only now with the initial implementation, but going forward whenever we do a system upgrade.