Ebook Launch: A Better Way to RPA

/Ebook Launch: A Better Way to RPA

Ebook Launch: A Better Way to RPA

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The leadership within the Clear Software organization have decades of combined history in the ERP industry. Jon Gilman, our CEO, founded Clear Software because he grew weary of seeing companies spending hundreds of millions of dollars on IT projects that didn’t transform the business. Jon has written his first eBook to help ERP executives and consultants avoid selecting the wrong robotic process automation vendor or implementing automation incorrectly.

Robotic process automation is a powerful concept that can have a huge impact on your business, but nearly half of all RPA projects fail. Jon identifies three reasons why and how to remedy them:

  1. Organizations do not have a clear understanding of RPA.
  2. Organizations have poorly defined business processes.
  3. Organizations choose the wrong RPA platforms.

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About the Author:

Marty Thompson
Marty leads the marketing team at Clear Software. Prior to Clear Software, Marty owned his own digital marketing agency, working extensively in the B2B/ERP industry. He was also an SAP consultant at KPMG.

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