Clear for SAP and Salesforce

Seamlessly Integrate SAP and Salesforce

The Clear Advantage

Our platform streamlines business processes that span SAP and Salesforce into single web pages that are simple and easy to use. And by the way, no coding or expensive consultants are required.

The Pieces of the Puzzle


Our configurable user interface allows you to show only the SAP and Salesforce fields you need, including custom functionality.


Our configurable rules engine allows you to automate processes across SAP and Salesforce without any code.


Our punchout integration allows you to seamlessly integrate your vendors’ websites with your SAP system.


Our configurable dashboards allow you to quickly analyze how your business is performing based on SAP and Salesforce data.


Our data governance tools allows you to keep records synchronized across SAP and Salesforce.


Our data loader allows you to upload huge volumes of data into SAP and Salesforce using the power of Amazon Web Services.


Our SSO integration allows you to authenticate against your SSO provider and use your existing SAP and Salesforce security profiles.

Email Integration

Our email integration automates your SAP and Salesforce workflows by allowing you to simply reply to an email to take action.