Native APIs

Contents of this Page Configuring Native APIs SAP Integration BAPIs from Transaction BAPI BAPIs from Table TFDIR BAPIs from an Individual Field iDoc Integration BDC Integration Basic Debugging Overview A Native API is specific to a system and represents a published API that can be consumed by ClearProcess. Since the system itself has connection parameters and adapters already specified, the only properties that need to be specified here are System and the Name of the API. Native APIs are configurable by administrators within your organization. Configuring Native APIs in Clear Field [...]

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Clear APIs

Contents of this Page Calling a Clear API Logging In Invoking a Simple Clear API Invoking a Complex Clear API Configuring a Clear API Pre-Processing Rules Pre-Processing Conditional Post-Processing Rules Arranging Steps in the Same Clear API Additional Properties of Clear APIs SAP Integration Template Tags Overview A Clear API is the central component of ClearProcess and represents a logical unit of work that can span many native APIs across many systems. There are currently more than 500 standard Clear APIs that span several thousand native APIs. In this relatively simple example, a customer is retrieved [...]

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