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The Clear Software platform is completely database-driven, which means your designated Clear administrators can configure the front-end web pages (ClearWork) and the back-end REST APIs (ClearProcess). Below is a complete data model of the required configuration to make Clear work for your organization. Hover over each table to see a description and navigate to its configuration page.


A subdomain represents the highest level in the Clear data model. Subdomains typically specify the landscape environment for any number of systems. Common examples include:

  • – the subdomain for all development systems that will be integrated with Clear
  • – the subdomain for all test systems
  • – the subdomain for all production systems

The subdomain and its label are configurable; however, they can only be configured by Clear Software and our licensed partners. This configuration is typically completed very early in the deployment process.

IP Whitelists

The Clear platform is not publicly available. The public IP address of your network or networks need to be whitelisted by Clear Software in order for your team to access our platform. Please contact us if you need your IP address to be whitelisted.

Clear Software Overview
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