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Coding for Clarity: The Hidden Costs of Code

There are thousands of ways to code a solution to meet any business requirement. From a business perspective, as long as the code performs the required function it works. Code is a living construct in that it is likely it will have to be maintained more than once during its lifespan. The actual code written to satisfy a business requirement may be poorly structured, difficult to read and contain overly complicated logic; and there is an inherent cost in maintaining such code. I learned to code at Van Zyl and Pritchard in South Africa. The intensive course was conducted over [...]

Feeling Ripped Off By Your ERP? You’re Not Alone

Summary: ERP software was supposed to increase operational efficiency at large organizations, but in most cases the opposite has happened. You can get more out of your technology investments without throwing them away, but you need to change your perspective on their underlying ecosystems and embrace new technologies. NOTE: To protect the privacy of some of the individuals quoted in this article, I have removed their names and companies and substituted with their job title and industry. If you would like to speak to them, message me and I will arrange a meeting if that person deems it appropriate. The [...]

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